The Cao Group

Molecular Simulation & Solar Energy Conversion
"Underevaluated solvent effects in the electrocatalytic CO2 reduction by FeIII chloride tetrakis(pentafluorophenyl)porphyrin " was accepted by Chemistry - A European Journal
"Hierarchical-dimensional material: A Co(OH)2 superstructure with hybrid Dimensions for enhanced water oxidation " was accepted by ChemCatChem
" Ultra-thin Co-Fe Layered Double Hydroxide Hollow Nanocubes for Efficient Electrocatalytic Water Oxidation " was accepted by ChemPhysChem
2019 Graduation
Group activity
"A new strategy for solar-to-hydrogen energy conversion: photothermal-promoted electrocatalytic water splitting " was accepted by ChemElectroChem
"Attaching cobalt corroles onto carbon nanotubes: verification of four-electron oxygen reduction by mononuclear cobalt complexes with significantly improved efficiency " was accepted by ACS Catalysis
"Structure effects of metal corroles on energy-related small molecule activation reactions " was accepted by ACS Catalysis
"Controlled synthesis of hexagonal annular Mn(OH)F for water oxidation " was accepted by Chinese Journal of Catalysis
"Importance of electrocatalyst morphology for the oxygen reduction reaction " was accepted by ChemElectroChem
Yanju Liu s paper "Copper porphyrin " was reported by Chemistry World!
"Low overpotential water oxidation at neutral pH catalyzed by a copper(II) porphyrin " was accepted by Chemcal Science
"Dual tuning of ultra-thin α-Co(OH)2 nanosheets by solvent engineering and coordination competition for efficient oxygen evolution " was accepted by ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering
"Hierarchical Zn-doped CoO nanoflowers for electrocatalytic oxygen evolution reaction " was accepted by ChemCatChem
"Electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution with gallium hydride and ligand-centered reduction " was accepted by Chemical Science
"Convenient immobilization of cobalt corroles on carbon nanotubes through covalent bonds for electrocatalytic hydrogen and oxygen evolution reactions " was accepted by ChemSusChem
Group activity
"Manganese(II) phosphate nanosheet assembly with native out-of- plane Mn centres for electrocatalytic water oxidation " was accepted by Chemical Science
"Conductive molybdenum sulfide for efficient electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution " was accepted by Small
"Hollow bimetallic zinc cobalt phosphosulfides for efficient overall water splitting " was accepted by Chemistry - A European Journal